Spice Masters

Address 2 Wirega Avenue, Kingsgrove 2208
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Spicemasters is a fully integrated Australian herb and spice business. Our manufacturing facilities are accredited with ISO9002 and HACCP, working towards BRC certification. Our site is AQIS approved for import and export. All our products are certified Halal and Kosher. Spices are predominantly grown in third world countries, very much as a cottage industry. The average grower producing
4000kg per annum. The adulteration of spices is a critical industry issue that is globally recognised. Only in controlling the production and process can we completely guarantee specification.
In-house technology includes:
Hosokawa alPine Mill Grinding
KIKKO MAN STERILISATION - Super heated steam
Revtec Sterilisation - continuous flow
satake Gravity Cleaning Plant
Pepper cracking rollers
Urschel dicing
Nauta mixers, ribbon blending, plough mixing
for compounds and flavours.
Batch blending, blending and bulk bag handling.
Spices, Herbs, Functional Ingredients, Vitamins and nutritional ingredients, Natural flavours and Natural seasonings.
All products are manufactured in a controlled environment utilising allergen free production lines, guaranteeing our customers products of consistent high quality.
All our raw material is tested through our inwards and outwards testing regime. The high sensitivity of the raw material and the
relatively low usage rate in recipes makes the QUALI TY of herbs and spices a critical inclusion. Spicemasters is a 100% Australian owned family business.